Who wants to play the Abundance game?

Use old or made up deposit slips to make a deposit of $100 into your make believe account, then Use an old checkbook or made up on a piece of paper and write out a check of $100 to buy something you need or want.  Now continue this game everyday by adding $100 each day, so when you reach the 50 day mark you will be depositing an imaginary $50K into your checking account and then as fast as it’s deposited you’ll be writing a check for what you need or want.  Be descriptive in the pay stub.  This activity can go on for 360 days that will equal $360K.  This is to improve you creativity and to attract abundance like your a magnet.  This is the law of attraction and hopefully it will make money and abundance flow to you.

I made my first deposit today of $100 and spending it on paint for my kitchen.  It’s fun to make believe and it will be amazing when it comes true!  It really doesn’t hurt to try.

Let me know how it’s going for you!  I will do the same.  It’s fun to experiment with the law of attraction isn’t it?


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