Do you know your Purpose?

Do you know your Purpose?

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Do you know your purpose in life?  I always knew, but it was to easy to believe, that is the key.  If it’s easy and enjoyable than that is your purpose.  Just ask your self what do you think about or do all the time that you can not live without.   What feels good to your soul and core? Question everything about yourself.  Write down your feelings and emotions in a journal to see patterns to help you figure it out.

If you take society, career, family, and all other influences out of the equation, what are you left with?  I’m left with my family and hobbies that I love.  I support my family, give my time, help where I can, and teach everyday.  That is my purpose and it makes me fulfilled.  What is yours?

You need to be authentic to feel happy,  fulfilled and to nourish you’re soul .  Find what you are good at and what comes easy to you, that is your purpose.  Even if it is just to support your family and friends or be something greater than your wildest dreams.

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