Yoga, Mind, Body & Reset!

To enhance memory, reduce stress, and more try theses quick practices to help you recharge.    Using our yoga practice can help by taking a step back and observing what is going on in our lives.  By observing our reactive patterns when on the yoga mat, we are able to recognize when we react mindlessly and then can shift our feelings and thoughts to better serve ourselves.

When we hit roadblocks try to use the Tree Pose to regain your balance.  Look within to see how your self talk is.  Are you beating yourself up? or are you kind to yourself?  Working through these roadblocks will  help you live more mindfully.

Visualize how you want to be treated and start treating yourself kindly first before expecting anyone else to treat you the same.  Once you set a standard you will attract people into your life that will live up to it.

Don’t give up!