Is anybody pushing your buttons?

Someone criticizes you and you react quickly. Take a step back and observe what is happening, all your ‘buttons’ when pressed by the other – you are being compelled to React! Either you become happy, sad, angry, nervous, upset – whatever you become – you become because those ‘buttons’ are being pressed by the other, and this is significant, this is deep. But if you try this with the Buddha – you will fail. You will be in difficulty only with a Buddha, one who is a ‘Yogi’ – a deeply meditative person. Because you can go on pushing his buttons and nothing will happen because he is no more identified with his mechanism. He will watch you pushing his buttons and he will enjoy the exercise that you are giving him, but that’s all. He does not take offense and he does not give it. He never returns evil for evil. He understands humanity so deeply. By understanding himself, he has understood the miserable state of all human beings. He feels sorry for people, he is compassionate. He laughs out on the ignorance – just the way a father laughs on the ignorance of His children.


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