You Are A Magnet ~ LOA Says so

You Are A Magnet ~ LOA Says so

The law of attraction is giving back everything you are giving out.  You are a magnet that is receiving your well being or non-well being and experiences in your life.

Keep your thoughts positive. Even know sometimes it feels good to be justified where you are with negative thoughts.  Remember you also are a magnet to negative circumstances and experiences if that is where your thoughts go.

This is all based on your thoughts and feelings, so be mindful and choose your thoughts wisely.  The only way to get out of bad feelings or bad places in your life, is to imagine a better feeling place.

Try the 17 second visualization and practice your focus on the wanted things in your life.  Use Pinterest to create your vision board with unlimited beautiful pictures. You can pin as many pins on how you want you’re life to look like.

The hardest part is to distract yourself into thinking more positive.

Don’t give up,

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