Do You Follow Your Bliss?

Following your bliss is your life compass to happiness.  If your lost and unhappy just start following your bliss again.  Even if it takes baby steps.  Bliss is how you are feeling when you do something you love.  Bliss makes you inspired and energized. 

When you are doing something you love your thoughts become clearer to what you want.  Bliss attracts more bliss.  It’s the law of attraction working.

You only can make choices to feel good on a daily basis.  No matter how big or small.  It can be just drinking a cup of tea when you get home from work.

You should love what you do and love it to the fullest.  Your important to your happiness.  Your the only one in charge of your self.  No others can determine your self worth or time.  Time is precious!

Don’t give up! Everyday is a new start to get it right.