Do you have a hard time with Change?

Do you have a hard time with Change?

Do you try to change yourself or do you try to change others first?


Trying to change others is not going to work and it is a waste of energy, because you can not keep a cork under water for ever.  It will eventually find a way to float to the top again.  We have to accept what we can change and that mostly is ourselves.

Changing ourselves means that we free ourselves from feeling isolated, separated, lonely, angry, fearful and emotional pain.

I feel from my own experiences that stress to me is from feeling stuck and not being able to break free of the chains I put on my self.  When I take drastic action or just small step actions I feel so free.  Even if you are just caring for yourself more, like when you take time out to get your nails and hair done.

Look around at your life.  You created this from your past choices, so if you want to change it, then you will have to make different future choices.  Life can be so much more if you only had a positive perspective and only saw the lessons in the good and the bad in life. Therefore you can find comfort in enjoying all sorts of situations and circumstances.

We all experience extreme ups and downs through our life time.  We need to support and inspire one another when things go really good or bad.  When we can see that we are all one in the universe and we are all the same, then it should be easier to help a stranger.  We need to be aware of the psychology behind our behaviors.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Don’t Give Up!

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