Rewriting Your Life Story

Rewriting Your Life Story

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Here is a journaling activity to put your life and the things you wish to change into perspective.  There are always different angles and perspectives to change the way you look at your life to feel happier about your situation. One of the main reasons that many people are unsatisfied in life and not living in alignment with who they are is because of the stories and beliefs they tell themselves and others.  By stepping back and observing your life as a movie you can see more clearly the story you are living and telling.  Only then can you edit your story and rewrite it to reflect a movie you actually want to watch, one that makes you proud and happy with yourself.

Some scenes are memories from childhood or just your recent past, and you often see these clips over and over in your mind.  These can consume you and block you from moving on to a better life.  Once you see it the way you want to live it, then you can clear the blocks that are stopping you and move forward.

What scenes from your past replay frequently (positive and negative?)  These may be life changing events, pivotal, exciting, coincidental, sad, etc.,  moments.


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Write these life changing events down in a journal.  Try to change your perspective, point of view, and see the lesson learned, that put you on a different path. Now finally you can rewrite a new story.  Make it a great one!

Don’t ever give up!

Hearts Stacy


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