We all encountered someone like this in our life time especially if your kind, generous, compassionate, selfless & an empath.

I have learned that you need to love your self more than them and show them you don’t need there approval or love, that all you need is self love. They will become insecure over this and realize they can’t control you anymore. They either will change temporarily or leave.

Accept that They’ll never completely change if they started out 💯 % narcissist. There change is only temporary to get you back where they want you in the relationship, then they will take control again and gain the power back. It’s like a vicious cycle. Once you accept them for who they are you become aware of there BS and can put your thoughts and energy elsewhere, like better future relationships and lifestyle.

Read this article it is spot on!!!

Narcissism letter from there 🖤

Love and light 💡



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