Reiki can help reduce reliance on pain medications with one Reiki treatment

There are people who hear the words “energy healer” and “life force” and are immediately skeptical. If you’re the sort who tunes out at the mention of “chi” or “qi”—both of which mean “life force” in Chinese—then you may feel the same way about Reiki. (“Ki” means “life force” in Japanese.) In India, it’s called “prana.” Many cultures practice the art (for it can’t be called a science) of energy healing. The United States has been slow to catch on.  Book a session on


Reiki is used in hospitals all over the United States, as well as R. Adams Shock Trauma Center in Maryland,  Johns Hopkins Hospitals, and abundantly in palliative care centers because of its noted success in pain care. Reiki is a viable therapy for pain.

“It’s the client who often ends up telling their doctor about Reiki,”  Reiki is experiencing a surge in medical settings, but some doctors and institutions are still resistant.

How it works

The client lies down fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner will position his or her hands on or just above the client’s body at different energy points and keep them in place for two to five minutes. This repeated action, Reiki practitioners say, charges energy fields with positive energy.

Everyone explains a different description of what they are feeling. It can be a tingly feeling,  they feel my hands on one part of their body, but my hands aren’t actually anywhere close to the area they felt. Some even describe visions, Some feel nothing at all, though feeling nothing doesn’t signify that the Reiki isn’t working. It simply means that a person doesn’t feel anything during the active session time. In fact, often after those exact sessions, the client experiences a release/response later on or days later.


Some people feel benefit from just one Reiki session, but others require ongoing treatment.  Reiki will not necessarily cure you in one session, though clients seeking help with chronic pain have had remarkable and immediate results in pain relief that they haven’t known in years. In one session. In addition, Reiki can help reduce reliance on pain medications.

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