Case Study: Reiki and Psoriasis Treatment By Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Case Study: Reiki and Psoriasis Treatment By Gustavo Cristian Fritz

Emotions have a great power inside us that we should be aware of, because they have the power to give us health or, conversely, take it away.

Humans are integral beings composed of physical body, mind, emotions and spirit. When one part is ill, it affects all the others. For example, if we are always concerned about everything, we end up affecting the stomach and spleen-pancreas; or it may happen that, as a result of hepatitis, we are in a bad mood at the slightest disappointment.

This case involves a 17 year-old-boy who suddenly found himself affected by a kind of psoriatic outbreak all over his body. As expected, he began treatment with one dermatologist after another. In the long run, he came to visit me in the conditions amply represented in the first two pictures. After filling out a questionnaire, we decided to start Reiki conventional treatment. This involves 4 consecutive sessions and later 4 more sessions, one every week. Adding to the Reiki treatment and because the initial situation presented (think about the situation on a teen boy with this condition throughout his body including the face), Rescue Remedy was recommended up to a time when the boy would be able to achieve a recommendation tailored to his real emotional condition, which would require at least one, two or more interviews.

As all the people who practice Reiki know, it involves no diagnosis or prognosis. However, in the first session, there was a point that was clear: he came here because he was willing to be better, he should make the effort and I should simply help him as cane to lead his way.

Initial Condition 7

As we expected, many things occurred during those first 4 sessions. Things were unlocked and those were reflected in the change of his attitude and posture.

After the first 8 sessions and with only a month and a day of treatment, he achieved what is shown in the second pair of pictures. As you can see the lesions disappeared leaving only the difference of pigmentation marks on the skin. The same degree of change was achieved in his attitude and he knew it when he said: “I’m in a better mood and I am not rude anymore. I really feel better.”

I acknowledge that I have seen many wonderful things through Reiki, but in this case, the change was in such a short time after a long time of suffering that it surprised me. The strength that he put in his recovery really made the difference.

Condition after one month of treatment

I wanted to briefly show this case in these lines, since many times before giving routine meetings, we forget the power that we have and that everyone is playing their role in whatever they do.

Let God surprise us about what can be achieved when someone decides to heal and is helped with true love through Reiki, Bach Flowers or the therapy that is appropriate for him or her.

When we try to do something by heart, the universe conspires with us so that it becomes possible. Imagine where you can get when many people are together in a chain of Reiki to distance!

We still ride around this beautiful road and although not all are roses, plants are worth trying.

After Reiki Treatment 8

As the Reiki Master Jorge Barbiere Mejia, who said:


You are the one who decides how to live or give you the opportunity to live better. You must give the first step for any change.


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