Life Purpose Coach Certification!

I wanted to achieve another certificate that went along with my Reiki and Energy Certificates.  I’m excited to be a Life Purpose Coach.  I know it will be fulfilling and I can use my empath and intuition to help others find their life purpose.



Your Chakras are the energy centers of your body and if they aren’t absorbing energy from the Universe then it will lead to things like illness, depression, pain, relationship issues, and more. Reiki is a holistic healing art from Japan that can channel healing energy into your Chakras to restore your body and spirit to good health. thumbs_water-coast-header-47719-1024x300

Reiki master

I didn’t think it was possible when they said there was a way to become a Reiki Master without taking classes with an instructor, then I tried it and now I believe it’s possible.  Reiki Level 1, 11 & Master Teacher CertificateEnergy Healer I

Energy Healing:

Energy healing is energy medicine or energy therapy. It’s an emerging form of complementary and alternative medicine. It’s not a modern concept or approach. The origins are found throughout the ancient world. This form of healing is noted in Christianity, as well as other Western and Eastern religions. xenergyhealing39427897f.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Qrkufl4kqx.jpg