Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Workplace Reiki

Reiki is becoming popular in the workplace due to business or private demands. many executives and their employees are to busy to make appointments at a wellness center and to be able to spend the hour they need on their well being. Having Reiki on your lunch break for 15 minutes helps reduce stress that is the number one cause of dis-ease, anxiety, unhappiness, aging, frustration and more.

Reiki treatments are beneficial for all ages and pregnant women too!

Workplace Reiki session takes place in a chair for estimate of 15-20 minutes.

Reiki is done in an allocated quite space or room.

Reiki will improve stress levels, mental clarity, anxiety, tension, wellness.

Reiki as one of the many alternative and complimentary therapies.

Give us a call today to set up your Wellness Reiki Plan at your company today! (631) 278-8624 contact Stacy Imbasciani

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