Look for positive aspects in your life

Abraham Hicks~Inspirational

Be mindful to keep your thoughts positive and grateful every minute of the day.  Your thoughts are energy and LOA will attract good or bad thoughts to you, so respect your well being enough and stop the bad thoughts asap!  Practice Practice Practice is the only way you can re-program your thoughts.  Don’t give up you can do this!


Do you think your worthy of a great life?

Worthiness comes from your core self.  Pay attention to how you feel and to your emotions. They are your guidance to self love and worthiness.  Don’t think of lack only think of what is positive in your life right now and imagine how you would want your life to be and look like.  If you have to write it down in a journal or have a vision board of all the things you want out of life.  This is self love and your worth it! 


My Morning Ritual

I am off for the summer and have such a nice morning ritual.  I recently gave up coffee in the morning!  Yes, It’s been hard and I do cheat sometimes.  Now I get up and make a large glass of lemon water, do my yoga, my affirmations and try to meditate with a guided video off Youtube.  Than take my dog Bella for a long walk.  It’s pretty sweet.

I know it’s going to be hard once I go back to work in September with my three kids, myself and my hubby up in the mornings.  It’s going to be chaos!  I’m going to strive  for at least 15 minutes a morning.  I have to think some me time is best for all!

Who else has a tough time finding peace during the day?



If there is one thing I have learned is that it all starts with you!  If you want a better relationship, respect, love, abundance and so much more you need to look inside of yourself.  This is where meditation helps to look within. For all your answers are there.